Pacca Studios: Oficina Aquarela e Desenho – Módulo Nº 3

Continuamos com a prática de desenhar e pintar olhando apenas para o objeto e não para o papel e em seguida desenhar e pintar olhando.  Revimos técnicas básicas de aquarela assim como molhar e esticar o papel sobre uma prancha de madeira, procedimento recomendado quando se usa papel A3 ou A2.  Destemidas, as alunas desta oficina criaram uns trabalhos excelentes. Parabéns!

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DSC07796DSC07798 DSC07804DSC07788 DSC07787 DSC07786






About Maria

A very energetic artist, Maria Pacca speaks with a visual language that is universal. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Pacca graduated from California University at Long Beach with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and further pursued her studies at the Chouinard Art Institute in California. Her landscapes in watercolor are bold and energetic. Her charcoal figure drawings are passionate. Pacca has held six one-woman exhibits and several group shows in Guatemala, Brazil, California, Hawaii and Colorado. Her paintings hang in private collections worldwide. Maria now lives in New York, where her two children reside, but maintains straight links with São Paulo, Brazil. Her figure drawings are currently being represented by the Gris Escritório de Arte, São Paulo, Brazil. In Colorado Springs, CO, her paintings and watercolors are represented by the Center for Creative Leadership. In New York, she will be joining the Ward-Nasse Gallery in Soho, NYC in May, 2016.
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